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Nowadays, elevators are no longer a luxury and a matter of prestige, but are necessary for transporting passengers and cargo between floors. We at Mikromotor strive to provide our clients with top quality and service.

Installation of new elevators

Mikromotor d.o.o. can offer elevators with electric and hydraulic drive as well as all other elevators adapted to the specific needs of investors.

Successful business-technical cooperation with several renowned global manufacturers enables us to offer clients the delivery of the most modern elevators, from the most exclusive high-class elevators to elevators for facilities with a limited budget.


We install electric and hydraulic passenger elevators with or without a machine room. Built-in elevators can be with automatic or semi-automatic doors. We adapt the design and size of the cabin to the size of the shaft and the purpose of the elevator, using quality materials.

Project: elevator Residential Community of Ratko Mitrović

In addition to the large number of elevators installed in the previous two years, a new MRL electric elevator, which stands out with its specially designed cabin, was arranged directly for the Housing Association at Ratko Mitrović’s address.

Service and maintenance

We are able to offer a complete service in the area of design, production and assembly, through service and maintenance and overhaul and modernization of products when the need arises.

Well-trained design, installation and service teams ensure a high level of quality of the services provided. The long-standing tradition and great experience of our employees ensures the professional performance of all types of tasks in the shortest possible time.

Repair and modernization of elevators The service life of an elevator depends on many factors, the most important of which are frequency of use, passenger behavior and maintenance. And despite all efforts, the working life is estimated at twenty years. After that, overhaul and modernization is recommended. Our modernization solutions extend and improve the life of the elevator, adding the latest technologies and services that enable greater safety and energy savings.

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Passenger elevator

A passenger elevator is a permanently installed facility powered by electricity, intended for the transportation of persons, which serves certain stations using a cabin whose dimensions and construction allow access to persons and which moves in the shaft between two firmly installed vertical guides.

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Freight elevator

A freight elevator is understood to be a permanently installed facility powered by electricity, intended for the transport of persons and cargo, which serves certain stations by using a cabin whose dimensions and construction allow access to persons and loading of cargo and which moves in the train shaft between two firmly installed vertical guides .

Kitchen elevators

Light-duty elevators are considered to be elevators intended for transporting smaller loads without an attendant.


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