Pillow plates

Pillow plate is an innovative method of constructing heat exchangers enabling greater performance for your thermal systems

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What are pillow plates?

Pillow plates are heat exchangers made by joining two sheets of metal and then introducing pressurized fluid in the space between them, thus shaping them.

Heat transfer medium, such as water, glycol, liquid or gas coolant, is circulated through this cavity providing the heating or cooling of your product.

Plates are joined by seam and spot welding and equipped with an inlet and outlet port for a quick connection to the rest of your system.

Different high quality stainless steels are used depending on the desired application.

Manufacture of pillow plate heat exchangers

The particular construction of pillow plate heat exchangers can only be achieved with laser or electric resistance welding. Mirkomotor takes pride in having a production line equipped with a laser welding machine capable of forming complex plate surfaces according to our client’s needs. Our laser welding machine is guided by CNC, giving us freedom to choose the shape and size of our plate surface and ports, and the precision required to flawlessly execute them. The technology used was developed and adapted specifically for the needs of our production department.

Single embossed plates are made by joining a thinner sheet of metal to a thicker one, only the thinner one forming into shape during pressurizing.

Double embossed plates are made by joining two identical sheets, both of which are shaped during the process.

With our expertise and advanced equipment, we can provide our customers with any surface needed for their use case.

Exceptional heating and cooling performance from massive thermal surfaces and medium flow, greatly surpassing conventional pipe and radiator based heat exchangers.

Constant temperature maintenance via precise flow regulation of the thermal medium.

Completely stainless steel construction and precise shape of the pillowed surface, making the plates resistant to high pressures and harsh working environments, but easy to clean and maintain.

Suitable for all conventional thermal mediums. The same plate can be used alternately for heating and cooling.

Cooling of beer, wine, milk tanks

Cooling/heating of processing tanks

Cooling/heating of flat surfaces

Cooling/heating of immersion liquids

Application specific cooling (battery packs, electronics, motors)

As high-performance condensers



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