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With You since 1990.


Our long term experience allowed us to develop our unique and top quality products. Find out more about our program.


Freeze dryer

Device used for vacuum based drying process, manufactured by latest standards.

Pillow plates

Innovative construction method for heat exchangers that allows better performances.


Knowledge and tech we posses allows us to provide advanced services to our clients. Find out more about our services.



We perform overhaul and service of all types, powers and in all versions of electric rotary machines


Installation and maintenance of passenger or industrial elevators


Service and maintenance of pumping units.

Who we are?

Before the founding of the Mikromotor company, an independent craft shop with the same name was established with two employees. The company was formed by workers from two renowned Belgrade companies “Mikrometal” and “Rotor”, which at that time were successfully operating in the field of repair and service of electric rotary machines.

MIKROMOTOR D.O.O. was established1990. as a production and service company in the field of electrical engineering. Over the course of 28 years, the company has grown into a successful family business, which has over 50 employees, business premises with a production plant of 2000 m2.